How a Portable Propane Generator Can Protect Your Home and Family

Though portable generators are excellent for providing you with power when you’re camping, these are also great for emergency situations. You can go with a portable generator that will power certain things in your home, or you can opt for a full-size, permanent addition that will automatically come on when a storm knocks out the power for miles around. Here are just a few of the ways that the right generator can protect your home and family.

No Worries about the Food

If you have a freezer full of beef, then last thing you want to do it throw it out because you lost power for a few days. While most freezers will effectively keep the food cold in an outage, the fact is that the freezer will eventually thaw if the power is out long enough. Opening and closing the door will only hasten the process. When you have a portable generator, you can produce your own power out in the garage and plug in your appliance in the house.


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