Powering Homes and Businesses: A Close Look at the Standby Generator

Standby generators, also known as whole house generators, can increase the value of your home and maintain the safety and comfort of your home during episodes of power outage. Standby generators are designed to supply home and business owners with necessary power supplies for as long as they are needed without interruption. They help prevent financial losses associated with prolonged power outages such as frozen pipes, spoiled food and extended hotel stays.

How Standby Generators Operate

The standby generator itself is permanently situated outdoors on a concrete pad. The automatic transfer switch, commonly referred to as the brain, connects the generator to the main panel breaker of your home. They are powered by external fuel supplies such as diesel, liquid propane and natural gas. When power outages occur, the loss of power is detected by the switch, which alerts the generator to turn on once your home is safely off the grid.


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